IN THE second phase of the company’s transformation, Network Rail’s geographic Regions took accountability for delivery of projects on 11 November.

The move is part of Chief Executive Andrew Haines’ restructuring plans and sees more teams transfer to the five regional organisations. Others move to the newly established Network Services directorate as well as those of Route Services and the Chief Financial Officer. Project delivery was chiefly the responsibility of NR’s Infrastructure Projects division, which is being abolished in the restructuring.

Five Regional capital delivery directors have been appointed, reporting to the Regional MDs:

■ Eastern – Rob Cairns;

■ North West & Central – Eoin O’Neill;

■ Scotland – Kris Kinnear;

■ Southern – Tim Coucher (interim);

■ Wales & Western – Stuart Calvert.

Northern Programmes, a capital projects programme in the North of England, spans Network Rail’s Eastern and North West & Central Regions under the leadership of Chris Montgomery, major programmes director.

Accountability for commercial policy, standards and assurance has moved to Route Services. The programme of changes included the formation of Network Services, which manages six key areas of the railway including national operations, security, telecoms, freight, national performance and passenger information during disruption.

The five Regions were created in June, with the 14 Routes to take day-to-day responsibility for the railway all going live in September. Phase three of the restructuring is planned for summer 2020, with completion by the end of 2020.