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Between the Lines - August 2021

Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes assesses the proposed East Coast main line May 2022 timetable

Chris Stokes
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Tailor Swift to your requirements

 Ian Walmsley

Class 321, the most successful of a long line of British Rail York-built EMUs, seeks a new life in the fulfilment business

 Ian Walmsley
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An extra platform for Oxford

A Government funding announcement is preparing the way for a third through platform at Oxford station, Network Rail's Chris Nash tells James Abbott

Williams-Shapps Plan - who will run the railway?

 Roger Ford

■ Operational responsibility of PSCs unclear n Managerial expertise downplayed
■ Dynamics of railway operation ignored
■ Fragmentation encouraged

 Roger Ford
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Bristol set for rail regeneration

A railway renaissance is being delivered in the West of England, reports Philip Sherratt

Can we afford to demonise the diesel?


■ No immediate CO 2 reduction from hydrogen 
■ Uncertain electrification programme blocks DMU cascade
■ Government 2040 withdrawal date ‘an ambition’
■ Synthetic fuel offers carbon neutral diesel traction

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 Ian Walmsley

Williams-Shapps is a Great British Railway report. Someone was listening after all

 Ian Walmsley
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Network Rail rules the waves

The second phase of works on Dawlish's sea wall upgrade is now well under way. Cornwall-based Deputy Editor Andy Roden reports on progress to date and the next phases in Network Rail's ambitious resilience programme

Putting EDI into practice


Rolling stock cracks crisis: update

Roger Ford provides an update on the issues with underframe cracks on Hitachi 800 Series trains